What Do You Do If Your Child Has Worms?

Here’s a nightmare scenario for any parent. You’ve just found out why your child is constantly scratching their bottom, isn’t hungry, or isn’t sleeping well - they’ve caught highly contagious parasitic worms…aaarrghh!!!

But don’t panic. There is way to wipe out worms. The most common parasitic worm we have in New Zealand is threadworm. These worms are thin, white, thread-like creatures between 2 and 13 mm long and they live in the intestines. Children can catch them from other children or from touching objects contaminated with worm eggs. This can include anything from toilet seats to toys, dishes to door knobs. Once infected, and if treatment doesn’t take place, a child can continually re-infect themselves and anyone else in the family. Yuck!

So what do you do?

Your best bet is to head to your pharmacy for a treatment like Vermox. It not only kills threadworm but also whipworm, roundworm and hookworm and all it takes is one tablet. Vermox comes in chocolate or orange flavoured chewable tablets, as well as a liquid, so getting kids to take it shouldn’t be an issue. Just remember that worms are highly contagious and it’s common for other members in the family to have them also. It’s best to dose everyone in the family 2 years and up just to be sure.

If you think your child has worms and want to get rid of them fast, head to your pharmacy for Vermox or click here to buy online.

TAPS NA10471
Pharmacy only medicine. One tablet once for any member of the family 2 years and over. Each tablet contains 100mg Mebendazole. Always read the label and use only as directed. If symptoms persist see your healthcare professional. Radiant Health Ltd, Auckland.