Frequently asked questions

Can my family catch worms from pets?

It is not possible to catch threadworm from your family pets. However, there is a small risk that threadworm can be caught from household pets if their fur becomes contaminated with worm eggs. This could happen if the infected child pats the animal and eggs are transferred to the next person who touches the animal’s fur.

It is possible to catch roundworm from dogs. This can occur when infective eggs lying in soil are somehow swallowed – and young children have been known to try and eat dirt from time to time! This can be a serious medical problem, as these worms can invade human tissues such as the liver, brain or eyes. If you suspect a roundworm infection, please consult your doctor. Fortunately, roundworm infections are very rare in New Zealand.

If my child has worms, do I need to keep them home from school?

It is not usually necessary for people with worms to stay home from school, childcare or work. However, if your child has loose bowel motions, you should keep them home for 24 hours until the diarrhoea has stopped.

If your child attends a childcare centre or preschool, you should inform staff so that steps can be taken to prevent infection spreading (e.g. cleaning toys and equipment) and encouraging children to wash their hands regularly.

Do adults and children take the same dose of Vermox?

Yes. Adults and children take the same dose, which makes worming your family a no-fuss, simple process. There’s no need for weighing, measuring or dosing calculations. If you have a child under 2 years of age, then you should consult your doctor.

Is Vermox suitable for use during pregnancy?

If you, or a member of the household is pregnant, then you should consult your doctor before using Vermox.

Does Vermox protect my family from future worm infections?

Vermox is designed to effectively kill worms present in the intestine. To prevent worms from re-occurring it may be necessary to dose your family again (3 weeks after the first dose), if symptoms are still present.