What To Do When Your Child Has Worms?

Ok, first things first. If your child gets worms, it’s not a reflection of how clean your house or family is.  Kids can catch worms anywhere, often from other children and objects far removed from the family home. And that’s the real problem. Because those very same kids then bring worms and their eggs into the home and can infect anyone in the household, including you. Yuck!

The good news is there are ways of preventing worms spreading inside the home and here we’ve compiled our top tips to take them out.

1) If it’s a full-blown infection you’re dealing with get a pharmacy treatment like Vermox. Not only does it kill worms but it comes as a tasty chocolate or orange flavoured tablet or banana flavoured liquid so it’s easy for kids to take. Just keep in mind worms are contagious so it’s a good idea to treat everyone in the family 2 years+ even if they’re not showing symptoms. After three weeks check for worms and treat again if needed. Vermox is also not to be taken if you’re pregnant.

2) Teach children to wash their hands before they touch food and after going to the toilet. To hammer home the point, remind then if they don’t improve their hygiene they might end up with more wiggly worms wiggling around inside them.

3) Keep their fingernails short. Shorter fingernails means less chance of eggs being transferred to the mouth.

4) While they’re infected, and even if you’re treating at that time, make sure kids shower rather than bath. A shower will wash remaining eggs away from their bottom.

5) A good ‘egg neutraliser’ is to wash towels, pyjamas and clothes regularly in hot water and dry them in a hot tumble dryer. And avoid the whole sharing of towels and wash cloths thing if you can.

6) Not sure we need to say this one, but changing underwear every day is really, really….really important!

7) Clean toilet seats and potties with disinfectant. Loos and bathrooms have to be cleaned at some point in the week but if you use a disinfectant you’ll be able to kill worm eggs at the same time they’re being wiped away.

To learn more about worms and how Vermox can help, click here

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Always read the label and use only as directed. If symptoms persist see your Healthcare Professional.